lovely words As the daughter of a fourth-generation bridge builder, my dad would often say, “A bridge is like a relationship. You start with a solid foundation and build from there.”
I hold his relationship advice close to my heart like tiny treasures that remind me life is an incredible adventure.

Join me in building bridges of connection, holding hands, and honoring the courageous ones who strive to live a passionate life.

Let’s take the journey together.
featured review: moe ross, M.ED.
Hollyhock Treatment Center "Many life coaches have contacted me for referrals because of our successful 30 year old counseling center, but rarely have I been able to refer a client. Erin Miles is different. Not only has she had over 35 years of mentoring, managing, coaching and training, she has interned within various modalities in both the public and private sector. She is relentless in her desire to give workable tools designed to help each person actualize their dreams. Anyone fortunate to work with her will soar." Moe Ross, M.Ed. • Co-Director Northwest Community Counseling Services Chicago, Illinois
"Erin has an open and genuine heart that makes all who meet her feel an instant connection.
She is an amazing friend, mentor, mother, partner and so much more. She truly listens and offers thoughtful wisdom and inspiration. She has a gift. I encourage you to let her share it with you."."
Stacy K. Scottsdale, Arizona
"Erin’s work is deep, thoughtful, and powerful. She’s gifted at holding a safe space, tapping into the magic that’s sometimes hard to see, and helping others to follow the threads to create an authentic life. I can honestly say I’m a better, happier woman because of Erin. She’s a blessing to any woman who’s looking to grow their life!" Jen M. • Author/Speaker San Diego, California
"I have known Erin for many years and I believe she one incredible woman! She is authentic, creative, compassionate, kind, humorous, insightful and extremely intuitive. I recommend her coaching for anyone who would like to be more inspired to live a fuller, happier and more authentic life." Suzanne D. Marriage & Family Therapist • Scottsdale, Arizona
"Erin is a Soul Sister that has brought so much fun, clarity, wisdom and strength to my life. She has brought out the inner me, that I did not know existed until I met her. I am forever thankful for the blessing of Erin, and anyone would benefit by her coaching. " Sara M. Wilmette, Illinois
"We had an instant connection and I could feel a positive, sensitive, fun loving and caring aura that seemed to surround her. She listens without judgment and is open with loving thoughts and suggestions for me to ponder. Erin helps me see the bigger picture when I sometimes only see one option." Victoria S. Scottsdale, Arizona
“Erin is a woman of great love, spirit, compassion and wisdom. She is passionate about empowering women and helping them to find their peace and uncovering their strengths. Erin has the natural ability to make you feel instantly comfortable and understood. With Erin’s coaching she will guide you, challenge you, and inspire you to live the life you so deeply desire.” Lorre S. Phoenix, Arizona
featured Review: Dr. Cheri Ong
"Erin has a gift of connecting with people. She is truly at peace with her purpose of helping others. Being a woman physician caring for women, I can see the need for women to have someone like Erin Miles to be involved in their lives. I truly applaud her work in helping so many from all different walks of life" Dr. Cheri A. Ong, MD Scottsdale, Arizona
Erin's passion for making a difference and empowering everyone to be their best selves is an innate part of who she is. Add Erin’s commitment to love and understanding to the equation, and you will find a safe haven in which you can face your fears, make peace with your past and move forward with purpose. My life is infinitely better with Erin Miles in it. Yours will be too." Gail H. Scottsdale, Arizona
"Erin helped me through a very toxic time in my life and taught me to face the darkness so I could see the light again. Her compassionate and calming nature helped me to open up and not be ashamed of my past but to own the decisions I have made good and bad. I’m so grateful for Erin and the journey I went through to truly heal myself and live again." Jennifer H. Scottsdale, Arizona
"Erin helped me understand the importance of having a good work/life balance, for which I will be forever grateful. She believes in empowering others to live their best possible life every single day and inspires me to be the best mother, friend and person that I can be. I am very thankful to have her in my circle." Jen P. Scottsdale, Arizona
"Erin challenges me in a way that makes me want to propel through the darkness so I can stand bright in the light. She speaks with an empathetic heart as she truly understands the healing process. She radiates love and I am grateful to know her." Christy C. Newport Beach, California
“I have done some counseling in my life and it has always helped but this Life Coaching with Erin is a whole different ball game. She is on your side to help you and guide you to being the person you want to be.” Lisa M. Wayzata, Minnesota
"Erin is my shining light whose love, encouragement, friendship and laughter has gotten me through some very difficult times in my life. She is such an amazing caring, loving life coach who will give you 100% of herself to help you have a more fulfilled life." Tina M. Scottsdale, Arizona
Erin's open
ear and
open heart makes her
so great at
what she does
Diane b. Breezy Point, Minnesota