You are meant to thrive...

Hello! I’m Erin Miles. I am a certified life and empowerment coach, and my desire is to help women uncover their most authentic self, find their voice and live their passion.

I am a visionary who believes anything is possible. I know everyone struggles, but the struggle doesn’t have to take us down. I thrive on helping women use adversity as a gift and to support them to realize you can re-create your life at any moment!

I’m happy to meet you, and I look forward to taking our journey together so we can help each other reach our fullest, most abundant, potential self!

About Erin

Erin J. Miles is a life coach with over thirty-six years of managing, coaching and mentoring women. Her extensive work the last three decades developing and growing companies focused in the high-end fashion, beauty, and nutritional industries, along with connecting people and working in corporate America, has given her the tools to develop a powerful and creative way of working with women to guide them towards their happiness.

Erin is a Beautiful You Coaching Academy trained life coach and lives in Scottsdale Arizona where she holds women's circle group coaching gatherings, wellness events, and one on one personalized coaching experiences.

In addition to her life coaching practice in Scottsdale Arizona, she is a certified life coach at Hollyhock Residential Treatment Center in Chicago, and Miography interviewer for Moe Ross. 

sacred bridges lead to magical gatherings.
I connect others through coaching so we can share our stories in a way that inspires personal and community healing.